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The days when wearing glasses was something to be embarrassed about are long gone. And nothing exemplifies this more than the fact that celebrities are publicly forgoing contact lenses and choosing to wear their prescription glasses instead. If you ever find yourself struggling with which pair of glasses will suit you best, why not take inspiration from the stars? Here are six celebrities who look fabulous in there glasses. Tina Fey - This actor and writer is just as likely to show up on the red carpet with her signature frames as she is without them. While she’s been changing the style of her glasses lately, she’s most known for small plastic specs with a slight cat-eye. Justin Timberlake - The pop star makes no secret about the fact that he needs glasses to see clearly. The dark rectangular frames he favours compliment his face shape and perfectly enhances his stylish wardrobe. Anne Hathaway - This brunette beauty is known for embracing many styles and when it comes to her glasses, she’s just as mercurial. Her oversized square frames are equally stylish on the red carpet as they are when running errands. Emma Watson - While her character in the Harry Potter franchise wasn’t the one famous for wearing glasses, Emma Watson can often be seen wearing her “specs” when she’s out and about. Her rectangular frames perfectly match her intellectual and sophisticated demeanour. Kit Harrington - Glasses make this Game of Thrones star look even more handsome. Not one to follow trends, he favours round glasses with wire or plastic frames. Elton John - A list of celebrities who wear glasses wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Elton John. Rumoured to have around 250,000 pairs of glasses, he changes his frames as often as some people change their underwear. If heart-shaped frames or ones with feathers attached aren’t for you, these bold red and black frames still make a statement without feeling like a costume. Star-worthy glasses in Montreal If you’re looking to update your look with a pair of trendy glasses, visit an optician from Bui Optométriste. Our locations in Outremont, Montreal and St. Lambert have a wide selection of fashionable designer eyewear to choose from. Make an appointment for an eye exam today or visit one of our three locations to see the frames we have in-store.


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