Dry Eyes



Dry eye is a disorder that affects thousands of people. Insufficient or poor quality tears can cause discomfort and blurred vision. The three layers of tears that are essential for visual stability are the mucin, watery and oily layers. The glands responsible for this oily layer are the Meibomius glands. It is essential to have a sufficient layer of oil to prevent the evaporation of tears.

Bui Optometrist offers different treatments to relieve your dry eyes in Montreal and Saint-Lambert. We offer a complete evaluation to determine which treatments are right for you. Here are the different stages of treatment, classified in order of severity


Are your eyes crying?

Do your eyes sting?

Are your eyes red?

Your eyes are irritated?

Are your eyes tired?

Stop the pain!


To relieve dry eyes, a good quality, preservative-free artificial tear is recommended. Here is a list of tears available in our clinics:

  • HYLO (Candorvison)

  • I-Drop (I-Med)

  • Thealoz (Thea)

  • Bio true (B&L)

  • Serum and Plasma PRP

Consult our optometrists for the recommended dosage.


Bui Optometrist proposes a debridement and cleaning of the eyelids once every 6 months to reduce dryness of the eyes. Blepharitis or demodex create inflammation and irritation of the eyelids which can affect visual comfort. Professional eyelid cleansing and good hygiene maintained with a daily cleanser will reduce this inflammation.


The Lipiflow treatment is a thermal pulsation system that allows the complete extraction of the contents of the Meibomius glands to unblock them and restore the oily layer of tears necessary for visual comfort. An activator is installed on your eyes to create pressure on your eyelids and extract the glands heated to a controlled heat of 42.5 degrees Celsius. The treatment lasts 12 minutes per eye.

Lipiflow is approved by Health Canada. 

The benefits of this dryness treatment are optimal after 6 to 8 weeks. Follow-up by our optometrists is done 3 months after the treatment. It is suggested to repeat this treatment every 2 to 3 years depending on each patient's conditions.


Using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), we treat inflammatory eye conditions that relieve dryness and discomfort. Many patients suffer from inflammation of the skin and eyelids and also suffer from inflammatory eye conditions such as Meibomius Gland Dysfunction (MGD), blepharitis, inflammation and telangiectasia of the eyelids.

Ocular occlusions occur prior to treatment. Your skin is covered with a layer of coupling gel that promotes light transmission and provides optimal skin protection. The complete IPL treatment includes 4 treatment sessions at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks. It is recommended to maintain this treatment once or twice a year.


We improve the quality of your tears, but what happens to the quantity of your tears? Tear plugs are sometimes necessary in patients with dry eyes. Optometrists or ophthalmologists will be able to insert a plug into the nasolacrimal duct, which reduces the flow of tears through the duct. The patient feels better visual comfort if the amount of tears is increased.


The eyes of some patients require the use of specific contact lenses. Scleral lenses relieve severe dry eye problems. They have a large diameter and rest on the sclera (the white part of the eye) and not on the cornea. Our optometrists and opticians take the necessary steps to select the right curvature and diameter of the lens. Optimal clearance of the lens allows a sufficient layer of tears to be retained to ensure good hydration and better vision.


Our optometrists suggest that you combine dry eye treatments with daily maintenance, such as eye masks, eyelid cleansers, Omega-3 PRN supplements, etc.

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